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Why Use Us?

Why us?

We’ve been around for over 2.5 decades and are well known for maintaining a high standard of service and integrity.

You will get quality advice and professional workmanship resulting from over two decades of accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of painting and renovations.

We operate on a Level 4 BEE Status.

Gain peace of mind knowing that we are fully insured for public liability and in full standing with the various related associations i.e. Workman’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, SA Revenue services, vat registered and etc.

Permanently employed staff, all of whom have been with us for many years now and are dedicated, loyal and friendly employees.

Thorsten or Doug ensure on site supervision throughout the day, everyday, ensuring that all work is carried out as per the paint manufactures’ specification and that our workmanship is of the highest standard as promised.

Early written notifications are handed out to residents (of complexes) before we are due to work on their units, thus giving them ample time to arrange access for us when we need it. 

Claims are made in keeping with our progress, so you only pay for what we have completed and large contracts are then broken down into smaller affordable amounts.

We always clean up after ourselves and all we leave behind is a brand new look.

“Our company’s goal is to provide the best service and the highest quality paint jobs in our industry whilst maintaining integrity at all times.

“Try us and notice the difference.”