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New Line Decorators was established in 1985 as a painting and waterproofing contractors company in Johannesburg. In this time we have grown from strength to strength. Responding to the needs of our clients, we offer a broad spectrum of services and paint applications. Our approach to the industry was and will always remain service centered.

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We have the resources, qualifications and experience necessary to meet all your Industrial and Commercial painting needs. We are a highly motivated group and looking forward to working with you on your upcoming projects.

We can paint all year round as during rainy days there is always other work such as doors, frames, windows, etc that can be done whilst waiting for rain to clear. After 26 years we know the weather all too well and are geared to cope with all types of weather.

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If you have a commercial or industrial building you need to repaint, using large contract painters would be your best bet in getting the job done without any hassles.

There are waterproofing companies that also do painting work and have guarantees on their workmanship. You can paint on torch on waterproofing in Cape Town as the sun, wind and rain weathers the torch on to look terrible. Make sure you use at least a paint product with a 10 year guarantee especially near the see due to the salt in the air.

We also have affiliates in the Western Cape that paint houses and commercial buildings. If you are based in Cape Town and need to give your home a new cote of paint visit painters in Cape Town.

If you stay in Durbanville also known as the boerewors curtian and need your house re painted we have a branch in Cape Town to assist you. Painters Contractors Cape Town has over 30 years experience in painting of residential houses, industrial buildings and commercial flats.

If you need your entire house renovated or your roof repaired and waterproofed in Pretoria, whether it be a new kitchen you need, tiling, and bathroom renovation or plumbing you can use renovations Cape Town to draw up the plans for you.

Site Clearing & Removal Services

If you’ve just painted your house and used contractors to do the job you’ll have allot of paint drums, paint brushes, groundsheets and other waste laying in your yard. We are affiliated with TBZ who offers rubble removal services and and are also local couch movers in the Western Cape.

If you’re in need of a removal service and stay in the Cape Town area contact one of the reputable companies below.